Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is also known as Enterprise Asset Management and computerized maintenance management information system (CMMIS)

A CMMS software package maintains a computer database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations, i.e. CMMIS – computerized maintenance management information system.

This information is intended to help maintenance workers:

Do their jobs more effectively (for example, determining which machines require maintenance and which storerooms contain the spare parts they need) .
Help management make informed decisions (for example, calculating the cost of machine breakdown repair versus preventive maintenance for each machine, possibly leading to better allocation of resources).
Perform maintenance on equipment, assets and property. Some CMMS products focus on particular industry sectors (e.g. the maintenance of vehicle fleets or health care facilities). Other products aim to be more general.
Produce status reports and documents giving details or summaries of maintenance activities. The more sophisticated the package, the more analysis facilities are available.



The MAPCON® System includes a heck of a lot!

Integrated Security,
Work Requests and Work Orders,
PM Work Order Generation,
Human Resources and Timecards,
Equipment Management including Meters & Gauges, Failure Analysis, Calibrations,
Complete Inventory Tracking and Location Management.

Wait! There’s more! We have Vendors and Manufacturers,

Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders,
Receiving and Reconciling, Safety Procedures,
Service Contracts, and
Project tracking.

Create your own lookups with the Lookup Generator or create your own reports with the MAPCON Report Generator!

Next, any user can easily

Create their own reports and graphs, and optionally generate results into
Users can email reports, work orders, requisitions and purchase orders to
Our CMMS allows you the flexibility to modify data entry fields, Screens
and menus to meet your company’s needs.
Our CMMS provide expandability to allow for your long-term facility management needs, including handheld portability, bar coding and intranet/internet capabilities.
Manage Multiple Sites

Wireless PDA Option
Highly Customizable Interface
Asset Management includes —
Equipment & Location Hierarchies
Lubrication & Inspection Routes
KPI Analysis

Costing Management includes —
Standard, Weighted Average
LIFO, FIFO; Charge Codes
Cost Center Accounts
Maintenance Management includes —
Comprehensive Work Flow;
Complete Preventive Maintenance
Safety Procedures
One Step, One Screen Work Order
PM & Safety Procedure Audit Control (ISO, QS, JCO, Etc.)

Stockroom Management includes —
Automatic Reorder of Spare Parts
Non-Stock/Non-Valued Parts
Cycle Counting/Physical Inventory

Purchasing Management includes —
Multi Level Approvals

Inventory Management includes —
Issue/Return Tickets
Manufacturers & Vendors
Returns & Write Offs
Inventory Quality Tracking

Timecards includes —
Labor charged at pay rate
Craft Rates

World Class Support

And Much More includes
Automatic Email Reports
Advanced Query System
Zillions of Reports
User Defined Menus
ASCII File Import/Export
Online Manual


MAPCON’s CMMS serves a diverse set of customers across wide-
ranging industries, services and government entities.
We provide CMMS software products to businesses and facilities large and
small with widely varying levels of technical sophistication and capabilities.
Our CMMS programs are designed to meet the needs and expectations of
large, multi-site organizations with operations spread nationally or globally.
Small business owners, whether they operate a sales shop or a
small chain of dry cleaning stores, rely upon MAPCON’s professional CMMS software to manage maintenance of their plant and equipment assets.
MAPCON has the most powerful, comprehensive, professional Maintenance
Software available anywhere.

MAPCON CMMS: Value and Affordability

Our CMMS program offers an unrivaled combination of value and affordability. Currently no developer of CMMS software can match MAPCON’s technical expertise in bringing professional CMMS software capabilities into the Age of Mobile Technology.

If you want your CMMS available on a Smartphone or Tablet platform, only MAPCON can deliver.

“Architecture neutrality” is one of the primary advantages of MAPCON CMMS
software .

Our CMMS will operate flawlessly (given practical limitations) within primary operating system environments such as Windows or Linux and easily connects to standard databases like Oracle, SQL Server .

Tangible Benefits

Decrease in Unscheduled Equipment Downtime
Increased Productivity and Equipment Uptime
Extended Equipment Lifespan
Reduced Staff Overtime Hours
Reduced Staff/Clerical Hours Devoted to Paperwork/Filing
Reduced Parts Inventory Through Control of Purchases
Increased Maintenance Staff Productivity via Smarter Scheduling
Better Coordination with Production
Improved Safety Processes and Tracking Procedures
Improved Justification for New Capital Expenditures

MAPCON CMMS software packages represent a relatively small investment in the short term with a huge impact on the bottom line over the long term!

Savings realized through cost reduction in equipment failure and inventories coupled with reduced overtime and increases in plant productivity more than justify your MAPCON CMMS software investment.

MAPCON CMMS is the worldwide standard for CMMS Software
MAPCON CMMS immediately adds value to your organization and the software is affordable.
MAPCON CMMS is not tied to any single IT environment.
With MAPCON CMMS, you have a product that is distilled from 30
years of expertise.
MAPCON CMMS is also offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Which
means your organization can immediately take advantage of our
CMMS Software without making much investments in IT Infrastructure.



MAPCON Enterprise puts MAPCON squarely in the Next generation of RICH INTERNET APPLICATIONS. This Enterprise version is a Web-based enterprise-wide asset management for large, multi-site organizations. The architecture ensures that your browser Is able to handle heavy duty , data intensive requests.

Some features of the Enterprise Version are:
Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
Integrated Security Profiling
Full-featured Document Management (attach PDFs, video, Images and Much more)
Easy to use work request originator for users
Fully integrated report generator with advanced document management features
Multi site and Zone facility management capabilities.
And much more…


MAPCON Professional Runs on Microsoft™ Windows Server in one location In your organization.

It includes :

Integrated security
Work requests and work orders
PM Work order Generation
Human Resources and Time Cards
Equipment management including meters and gauges
Failure analysis
And much more…


MAPCON Lite is simply the best Computerized Maintenance Management System software for facilities and industry interested in a full featured maintenance management software package with an price tag! Its a risk free way to grow your maintenance management system.

MAPCON Lite contains all the features of the professional module like electronic work request (Email) capabilities. Additional low-cost integrated modules can provide extra security and advanced tracking for costs, timecards, purchasing, inventory and service or tenant billing.


MAPCON On-Demand is a new SaaS (Software as a Service) CMMS package billed to you on a monthly basis without any contractual lock-in. Better yet, there’s no ‘penalty’ to upgrade or downgrade MAPCON On-Demand options.

On-Demand is 100% Internet-based, Web-hosted CMMS delivered directly to your workstation PC’s and Notebooks. On-Demand is easily set up by non-IT personnel with just basic PC skills. Plus, On-Demand communicates with other software packages including popular accounting packages, spreadsheets and word processors.

MAPCON On-Demand uses Java Swing® technology Don’t wait! To start, contact us today! to deliver the fastest, most comprehensive CMMS in the industry directly to your staff over the Web! Plus, MAPCON On-Demand is easy to use and set up! No need to get IT Professionals involved.