Upstream Engineering - Midstream Engineering - Industrial Design

Upstream Engineering

Procon Energie specializes in the planning and development of upstream oil and gas facilities.
Our expert consulting engineers work with your company’s project team to determine the most efficient and cost-effective strategies for project development. For all components of your onshore and offshore exploration and production needs, Procon Energie has the experience, knowledge and dedication to design your Upstream Engineering facility. Whether your project is a Brownfield revamp or a Greenfield, 500 man-hours or 700,000+ man-hours, our team of professionals work together with your company to achieve success.
Using a deeper understanding of client objectives, constraints, market, environment and aspirations, we enhance efficiency, productivity and sustainability.
Procon Energie develops innovative and cutting edge solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry, by leveraging on our core engineering, knowledge and techno-economic skills in:ere consectetur est at lobortis.


Our job begins once we receive project specifications from a client. In this initial phase, we brainstorm and develop a variety of broad-spectrum solutions and then carefully plan the key components. During conceptual design, we carefully consider the goals and objectives of the project, environmental factors, the time needed to complete the project and any other relevant circumstances. By establishing an accurate “project map” in the beginning, we are able to accurately predict project duration times and circumvent many potential obstacles before they arise.


Prior to beginning the Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) phase of a project, we consider the most viable solutions established during the conceptual design phase. This is the point in the project where we narrow down the possibilities into a single development concept to be further analyzed during the FEED phase that follows. Feasibility studies are conducted for cost and schedule estimates, as well as analyses of other relevant factors that could impact the final outcome.


During the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) phase of an upstream job, project specifics are further tested for cost-effectiveness, timeliness and other quality indicators. The idea is to ensure a prospective concept is the best solution for accomplishing project goals. This important phase can only be carried out through continued conceptual analyses, so that decisions made during the detail design and project execution phases are grounded in practice and application – not theory.

Detail Design

Procon Energie specializes in the design and fabrication of oilfield equipment. We are committed to producing equipment that meets the highest standards of operation and quality in a safe working environment. Our Equipment is in service in most part of Sub-Sahara Africa.
We look forward to working for you.

Project Management

Driven by customer concerns for cost effectiveness, reduction of corporate staff functions and a general trend toward adoption of a ‘doing more with less’ philosophy, Procon Energie offers a variety of program management and technical support services to its customers.
Procon Energie has an outstanding track record as a PMC contractor. As program manager we form a working partnership to ensure that customer interests and business objectives are met in the most cost-effective manner. This operational methodology produces a quality program that is safe, cost effective, technically sound, environmentally compliant and deliverable in a minimum time frame.
Procon Energie understands the importance of managing all the component parts of a complex program equally; we manage the whole by managing the pieces.
We pay close attention to the small tasks that, if overlooked, can create a flow on effect on scheduled milestones or costs. This philosophy is a cornerstone of our approach to program management.
In order to provide more efficient project management for our customers, we have developed what we call the “extension of staff” model. This guiding principle motivates us to do our jobs as though we were actually employees of our client companies. And since many of the professionals on our project management teams are former oil and gas employees, we understand your processes and are able to provide extensive operations support. With a wide range of experience from both client and contractor perspectives, we are solidly positioned to handle your procurement and contracting needs, as well as your onsite management, supervision and inspection, and electronic data collaboration. Project management by nature is extremely detail-oriented. Trust the details to our experts.

In addition to traditional engineering services, Procon Energie has established itself as an industry leader in the administration of even the most complex projects. In an era of oil and gas downsizing, we have responded to an increased demand for comprehensive project management by providing our customers the attention to detail required for managing all aspects of a particular project. From initial concept to execution, we provide the gamut of services, including engineering, procurement, contract management, construction management, interface management, HSE, regulatory, project control, document control and project administration.

Midstream Engineering

The Midstream Engineering Division of Procon Energie offers widespread expertise in consulting, design, engineering and start-up services for gas and oil processing plants – offshore and onshore. Our team of experts will design highly efficient systems to satisfy your current and future midstream needs.

Our experts demonstrate a vast understanding of Midstream systems to help you maximize your rate of return. Procon Energie has expertise in development, design, construction, startup, operation and maintenance of processing and pipeline facilities. All of our operations across the entire value chain are supported by our single greatest asset – our engineers. from gas processing and pipelines to nitrogen rejection and utility systems support.
Comprising of a diverse knowledge base and years of experience, we support all of our projects with our superior expertise and internal synergy, making us the definitive market leader in front-end consultancy and execution of subsea, onshore in;

  • Flow lines and pipelines
  • Flow Station and Gas Plants
  • Storage Tank Terminals
  • Chemical and Petrochemicals
  • Transport and Processing
  • Refinery

Flow-lines and Pipeline

Procon Energie is recognized as an industry leader in flow line and pipeline engineering throughout the entire project design cycle and our team is experienced in onshore & offshore design of flow lines, export and trunk lines in all the oil and gas.
All of our operations across the chain are supported by our greatest asset – our Engineers. We support all our projects with our superior expertise based on our knowledge and years of experience.

We provide a variety of services addressing issues related to pipelines in operation. These services focus on managing the integrity of the pipelines with a potential of reducing pipeline operating costs, while still maintaining an acceptable reliability and safety level. we also provide operational related services at an early design phase, ensuring that sound pipeline operational integrity has been built into the pipeline system during initial planning, design and construction.

Flow station and Gas Plant

We are offering a comprehensive range of NG/ LPG Pressure Production & Metering Skids which is highly demanded in domestic and international market at optimum prices. We provide highly efficient gas plant equipment such as; gas compressors, fuel pumps, air mixers, gas vaporizers, gas meter, primary and secondary seals, gas moving equipment, LPG dispensers, gas loading arms and gas pumping equipment. The detail description is mentioned below: We are catering pressure regulating stations for LPG, natural gas and other gases as per the international standards and are available with all safety features skid mounted units. These are primarily a twin stream system provided with Pressure Regulators, Slam Shut of Valves on each stream with automatic change over and with a provision to shut off the supplies at the time when pressure is increasing beyond the limit. Some of the other items are filters, pressure gauges, safety valves and the unit is skid mounted system which requires an inlet and outlet piping connection for better operations


Procon Energie is a company providing manufacturing,
turnarounds, repair, engineering and project management services for a wide range of
industrial customers.
We specialize in ASME-coded projects using the “U”, “S”, “R”, and “NB” stamp. Our goal is to
provide high-quality, on-schedule and on-budget performance for all projects including:
• Steam boiler installation
• Turnabouts
• Engineered process and construction
• Petrochemical and Refinery
• Pipeline and more
We provide efficient, effective and timely services anywhere in the world. Our
complete fabrication company specializes in pressure vessel and power piping, equipment yard and testing to meet the demands of our customers.

Manufacturing Machinery

Procon Energie as a leader in fleet management, equipment maintenance, diagnosis and sales offers a comprehensive service with each project made to each client’s requirements. In conjunction with some of the equipment companies and its scope of services, we are not limited solely to fleet management. We also provide full professional, technical or after sales support.
Procon Energie has concluded several Agency Partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies, which allows us to benefit from the best mechanical and industrial equipment and also to provide clients with the best quality services.

Storage Tank Terminals

Managing storage terminal facilities day-to-day requires superior services which Procon Energie alone can offer. We operate with proper maintenance, advanced technologies and updated products to keep production running smoothly. For a complete integrated storage system including all auxiliary equipment, Procon Energie remains unmatched in the industry. We are recognized as the leading experts in dry bulk storage systems. We also specialize in all types of “material flow” discharge systems including functional mass flow, funnel flow, expanded flow, active/vibratory discharge and numerous configurations of fluidized hopper designs. At Tank Connection, we bypass the problems of yesterday by maintaining an in-house experience level in storage containment that is second to none in the industry.

Chemical and Petrochemicals

With a growing green consciousness around the world, the chemical industry is often under pressure to reinvent. While computational materials science has never been more important to developing environmentally friendly processes, there are also benefits to consider such as improved cost-effectiveness, better process efficiency and a greater competitive advantage.
We have made tremendous impact over the years in the petrochemical and chemical sector delivering many projects right from project identification and techno-economic feasibility studies to pilot plant studies, detailed engineering, construction supervision and commissioning assistance, post commissioning services and beyond.
Our projects involve the latest process technologies from all over the world. Our expertise specialists including process engineers, environmentalists, project managers and safety experts provide independent, quality-assured and award-winning service; ensuring environmental standards are consistently met.
We have well established experience on a variety of petrochemical and chemical plants including:
• Catalysts and additives
• Dyes and intermediates
• Fertilizers
• Agrochemicals and pesticides
• Fine and specialist chemicals
• Organic and inorganic chemicals
• Pigments and paints
• Polymers
• PTFE products
• Carbon black
• Soaps and detergents
• Synthetic fiber resins

Transport and Processing

Procon Energie is known for its well-developed infrastructure and extremely high regularity. We have extensive experience in developing and operating subsea gas pipelines. We are also responsible for the technical operation of important parts of the best oil servicing companies’ pipeline network.
Holly Transportation LLC provides transportation of crude oil and refined products, including: black wax crude, sweet crude, sour crude, asphalt, and other heavy oils. Holly Transportation LLC also provides transportation logistics services, including arranging transport of product for third parties.

Industrial Design

Procon Energie is your single source for all things – Engineering! We are 100 percent committed to providing you innovative engineering solutions for your Upstream, Midstream and Industrial projects. We pride ourselves on talented, quality engineers and boast an impressive project portfolio. At PROCON, our focus is narrow but our vision is broad. We are devoted to providing the best engineering services available to meet the needs of your project in every possible way.

Procon Energie helps its clients to take thousands of projects from their formative Select phase through to successful handover and operation. Our ability to safely and consistently deliver projects large and small, across a range of industries and environments, in line with our client’s expectations, is testament to our project delivery capability.
The teams that deliver projects have extensive and diversified experience, giving them the expertise knowledge in;
• Barge Loading and Unloading System
• Manufacturing Machinery
• Reverse Engineering
• Product Design
• Bulk Terminal and Industrial Plant Facilities

Barge Loading and Unloading System

Procon Energie provides barge loading and unloading System.
Our Barge Services Includes:
• Hydraulic clam bucket
• Hydraulic grapple
• Magnet
• Hydraulic cranes to 120 ton
• Heavy lift rigs to 200 ton
• Conveyor load out
• 4 acres open storage and 8,000 sq. Ft. Covered
Materials we load and unload at our facility include bulk material such as:
• stone
• scrap material
• fly ash
• gravel
• coils and steel slabs
• heavy machinery

Manufacturing Machinery

Procon Energie as a leader in fleet management, equipment maintenance, diagnosis and sales offers a comprehensive service with each project made to each client’s requirements. In conjunction with some of the equipment companies and its scope of services, we are not limited solely to fleet management. We also provide full professional, technical or after sales support.
Procon Energie has concluded several Agency Partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies, which allows us to benefit from the best mechanical and industrial equipment and also to provide clients with the best quality services.

Reverse Engineering

When it comes to designing a product, Procon Energie is one of the most reliable used Companies. Due to our experienced, professional experts’ we can take a product and discover how it was designed and why certain elements are in place. We reverse engineering at the request of our clients in order to determine the Geometrical or operational qualities of a sample. Be rest assured that Procon Energie has the knowledge to understand the engineering and design of a product, which can go a long way in the process of reverse engineering.

Product Design

Procon Energie have the objective to create a good service with an excellent and functional utility and sales appeal at an acceptable cost and within a reasonable time. We have a resulting product that is competitive better than similar products on the market in terms of quality, appearance, performance, service life, and price.

Bulk Terminal and Industrial Plant Facilities

Procon Energie specializes in the planning and development of Bulk Terminals and Industrial Plant Facilities.
Our companies Database contains detailed information on more than 2,100 active capital and maintenance projects all over the region. We exhibit accurate, up-to-date intelligence about project milestones, equipment needs and much more.
Our data base includes:
• Independent Storage Companies
• Independent Terminals Owned by Major Processors
• Strategic Petroleum Reserve Sites
• Natural Gas Storage and Transportation Companies that is privately owned and operates natural gas storage facilities, including liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas liquids (NGL).
• LNG Import and Re-gasification Facilities