Procon Energie is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company providing manufacturing, turnarounds, repair, engineering and project management services for a wide range of energy, industrial and manufacturing customers with offices in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, on-schedule and on-budget performance for all projects.

Procon can provide efficient, effective and timely services anywhere in the world. Our complete fabrication shop, specializes in structural fabrication, pressure vessel and power piping, equipment yard and testing to meet the demands of our customers.

Ethics and Compliance

Procon Energie continues to grow as a truly global business built upon a solid and long standing reputation which is probably its most important asset.
This reputation comes from the continuous application of the strong core values of Procon Energie shared by all employees Our core values reinforce unity and cohesion and help promote a strategy of profitable growth.
The core values of Procon Energie “Integrity and Ethics” and “Impartiality and Independence” were the focal point of the work carried out by our profession at inception.
In conformity with the requirements of our profession, the Code of Ethics describes values, principles and rules applicable to all within Procon Energie upon which it has built its growth and relationships based on trust with clients, commercial partners and employees.
Meanwhile, our customers look to Procon Energie to be exemplary in its integrity in the performance of its services. It is clear that customers place a high value on integrity, impartiality and independence which are at the forefront of the daily concerns of all Procon Energie employees. Indeed, today, the reputation of the integrity of the services of Procon Energie has become one of its major selling points of which every Procon Energie employee should be proud.