Procon Energie provides a robust procurement / supply chain management system (direct and indirect procurement) for client’s benefits. We provide value to our process through realized savings, efficiency and sustainability. We provide a robust system to support cost, quality and delivery of services to our client.
Procon Energie procurement team is dedicated to provide its client with a comprehensive procurement services including:

Procurement and Contract management

Procon Energie acquire goods and services for a project from outside the performing organization and our Processes include: Planning purchases and acquisitions, Planning contracting, Requesting seller responses, Selecting sellers, administering the contract.
We ensure that your procurement and contracting processes are successfully executed with the help of our qualified and certified procurement engineers who will prepare bid lists, pre-qualify proposed bidders, develop bid packages, issue them for bid, manage clarifications and responses to bidders, evaluate the bid and make recommendations for your approval.
We deliver world class, customer-focused acquisition services with the highest degree of integrity and the cooperative effort of our partners.
Our aim is to confirm that all the necessary requirements to be considered for any procurement Project are clearly mentioned and referred to in the procurement documents and to ensure that suitable consumables and equipment’s satisfying both the contractual and technical requirements are used in all phases of the project.

E-procurement (Electronic Procurement)

We carry out business-to-business or business-to-customer or business-to-government purchase and sale of supplies, work, and services through the internet as well as other information and networking systems, such as electronic data interchange and enterprise resource planning.
Our e-procurement value chain consists of indent management, e-Tendering, e-Auctioning, vendor management, catalogue management, Purchase Order Integration, Order Status, Ship Notice, e-Invoicing, e-Payment, and contract management.
Our elements of e-procurement include request for information, request for proposal, request for quotation, RFx (the previous three together), and eFRX.


Expediting shall be carried out by the Procurement department staff to ensure that deliveries are made to, stated or agreed, dates as follows.
PROCON Procurement Staff shall fax/e-mail, as need may be, any Supplier who has not delivered on the stated date, from information on Purchase Orders/MTO. The fax/e-mail has provision for the Supplier to insert a revised delivery date, which is then returned to PROCON. Any Supplier not responding to the fax/e-mail will be contacted by telephone the next day by Procurement Staff to obtain the proposed delivery date. Any revised delivery dates are noted on a “Materials and Goods Late Delivery Report” which is then forwarded to the relevant Engineer for their information.
On a monthly basis information relative to late deliveries is passed onto the Buyer for inclusion on a database, which enables monitoring of Supplier performance to be undertaken.

Material Control

Procon Energie have the right procedure that allows for the control of two types of stock age at the warehouse:
• District Charge Material
• Stock Materials

Direct Charge Materials
These include materials and large quantities of consumables that are bought for specific projects or department use. These items are directly charge to the project or the specific cost center that requested them.
Stock Materials
These include frequently used consumables, safety materials and fittings etc. that are generally kept in store in anticipation of any need that might arise.
Also listed in stock are surpluses of project materials that remain unused at the end of specific projects. Among such residues of direct charge items, we usually have items that are not specifically stock item, such residues are transferred into stock and stock cards are opened for them. Issuing is properly tracked until such items are exhausted.


Pre-shipment Inspection and post shipment inspection plans are made project specific based on client’s need. We have a dedicated inspection team for all types and grades of manufacturing and Oil & Gas equipment.


Procon Energie plan, implement, and control the effective and efficient flow of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet some requirements of customers or corporations.
Our logistics of physical items usually involves the integration of information flow as well as material handling and the complexity of our logistics can be modeled, analyzed or visualized.
We integrate planning, control, realization, and monitoring of all internal and network-wide material, part, and product flow, including the necessary information flow, industrial and trading companies along the complete value-added chain (and product life cycle) for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.
Our objective is to document the activities and processes required to procure in a timely manner the specified scope, ensuring that project objectives are met.

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