Procon Energie is characterized by its stability in both the labor process and the equipment used in operations and we focus on technological operations and on the allocation of equipment for these operations. Norms are set for the amount of labor, materials, energy, and equipment time to be expended on each technological operation. Our production operations involve the enterprise’s construction of the technical equipment and the instruments needed for the manufacturing process. These operations also include repairs to equipment, buildings, and other facilities.
One of the goals in achieving production @Procon Energie is the combination of all technological, auxiliary, and servicing operations in space and time in such a way that an even rhythm of production is assured, conditions are created for a high level of labor productivity, and the fixed and working capital of the enterprise are used as effectively as possible. Procon Energie are known for the best professionals in various field below:

Flow Station and well head operations

Procon Energie is known for quality flow station and well-head operations, well head upgrade and wire line services.

Pressure vessel cleaning, Inspection, Repairs & Pressure testing

Procon Energie can quickly repair pressure vessels that have deteriorated over time due to corrosion or regular mechanical wear. By combining the efforts of our quality control management team with our authorized inspection agency, we ensure proper procedures, quality welding, and testing are all applied for the best in quality repairs. We also provide on-site stress relieving services, pre and post-weld heat treating, hydrostatic pressure testing, pneumatic testing and other pressure vessel testing as required.
The Pressure Vessel article provides you with necessary services including inspection / Cleaning & Maintenance of Pressure Vessel in-service inspection in operational plants for both types providing you lots of required services:
• Inspection and Testing During the Operation Phase
• Pressure Vessel Codes and Regulations
• Maintenance and Repairs
The Pressure Vessel Inspection article, alongside the other linked articles, are useful for Quality Control Personnel, Second and Third Party Inspectors, Plant Inspectors, HSE Engineers, Integrity Engineers, Operation and Maintenance Engineers and any Other Interested Individuals.
• We can inspect Shell part & Nozzles, Plates /Pipes & Heads.
• Thickness measurement and making corrosion rate and remaining life calculation.

Pigging of Pipelines

Pigging is a valuable service in the industry. It is completed to increase efficiency and avoid potential problems on existing pipelines, and to remove new construction debris to assist during hydrostatic testing.
Procon Energie have the technology for recovering trapped product in process pipelines. We have a propelling device with wiping discs (the Pig) that wipes through the pipeline from the source to the destination. As the pig travels through the pipeline, it pushes out the trapped product and cleans the pipe walls leaving the pipeline ready for the next product transfer.
One of the inspection methods uses by our expertise are MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) and UT (Ultrasonic).

Flow Lines & Pipelines Leak Repairs

Procon Energie have created the quickest and more effective means for leak detection and location on oil pipelines. For companies operating these pipelines, a leak, no matter how insignificant it might seem, can result in major liabilities, as a result of this; we offer a more comprehensive leak detection solution to pipeline operating customers, providing enhanced solutions to improve flow metering. “The expanded solution integrates superior flow instrumentation and ultra-modern software to optimize pipeline monitoring for detection and location of leaks and product thefts, and provide early information to the operators for fast and accurate critical decision making. “.

Well Head Upgrade

Procon Energie can carry out repair and maintenance on BOP Control Systems .We are also able to design and construct new Standpipe, Choke & Kill, Cement and Well Test Manifolds for both land and offshore drilling rigs.
All Manifolds are built and tested in house in full accordance with API Specs 6A, 16A and 16C.
Existing equipment can be repaired / remanufactured, modified, upgraded and tested to suit client requirements to the latest industry standards. Our requalification services involve the strategic grouting of legs, joints and braces through the use of Ultra High Performance Cementations (UHPC, NaX Q140™ and NaX™ B190) grouts or the installation of UHPC grouted structural clamps and sleeves. Subsea strengthening and repair measures are developed and designed by Procon Energie team of experienced engineers through global analysis using SACS and ABAQUS.

Manifold Inspection And Maintenance

Over the years, Procon Energie has specialized in non-destructive testing (NDT) and quality assurance (QA) inspection services with the capability to deploy personnel at a moment’s notice in order to respond to emergent requests 27 hours / 7 days
Procon Energie provides quality control surveillance inspections to ensure procedure and adherence, QA audits, QA training and Procedure writing.

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