PROCON ENERGIE LLC is an independent organization that provides an industrial focus for knowledge and technology and to deliver high quality engineering and manpower development services.
In line with its mandate to build human capacity resource and enhance skills development, PECL offers training programs in technical and soft-skills that will lead to award of internationally recognized certification and create the needed skill power to thrive in the ever demanding oil and gas industry in Nigeria and beyond.

Training History

PROCON ENERGIE LLC Manpower Development Service is a Human Capital function which is responsible for developing the skills, knowledge and competence of the company’s most important asset, its people, in order to meet current and future business requirements.
Therefore, many of the company’s Manpower Development Programs are by necessity designed to meet the requirements of Human Capacity Building locally and internationally. Measured across multiple fields of learning/discipline, PROCON ENERGIE LLC offers training programs in technical and soft-skills to individuals and corporate bodies alike, giving them the opportunity to take advantage of our expert help without time limitations. Our training program has benefited corporate bodies like Kohasa Engineering, Chevron Nigeria Limited, etc.

Training Objective

PROCON ENERGIE LLC Training and Manpower Development Program offers firsthand training services targeted at developing, as well as creating a tangible lasting impact in your career. Our technical and soft-skill programs are designed to meet all of its customer’s need, thus, closing the gap between employer skills need and employee skills requirement. These manpower development needs of employers and employees are achieved through the
following steps to mention but a few:
1.Through skill assessment and goal-based training.
2.Re-assess students upon completion of training to record skill level improvements.
3.Monitor the outcome of student’s post training performance for a 30-day period to track new improvements.
4.Continuous assessment of our staff’s training skill level and effectiveness.

Training Facility

A professional’s need for education and training does not end upon completion of his/her formal schooling years. Today, more than ever, continuing education/training is paramount to maintaining and enhancing one’s skills, especially in response to changes in technology that impact virtually every profession. A conducive learning environment is a necessity in achieving this aim.
Procon Training Facility, PTF has a flexible and technologically advanced learning environment that is safe, healthy, comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing, and accessible. PTF can accommodate the specific space and equipment needs of the training program and curriculum. Some of the features of our training facility include:
1. Conference room
2. Administrative offices
3. Convenience/rest rooms
4. 24/7 security system
5. 24/7 power supply
Our modern training facility along with our training techniques puts PROCON ENERGIE LLC training program at the forefront in the area of manpower and training services.

List of Courses

Technical Skills Training

1. AutoCAD (2D &3D)
2. Autodesk Inventor
3. Advanced Excel
4. MS Project
5. Primavera Suite
6. Eclipse
7. Animation and Robotics
8. Revit Architecture
9. ArchiCAD
10. STAADPro
11. Caesar II & TRIFLEX- Pipe Stress Analysis
13. PDMS – Plant Design Management System
14. HYSYS (steady state and dynamics)
17. ETAP – Electrical Transient Analysis Program
18. SAP – Systems, Application & Products in Data Processing
19. Process Design
20. Piping Design(ASME B31.3,31.4,31.8)
21. Mechanical Design
22. Electrical Design
23. Instrumentation and Control Systems Design
24. Civil/Structural Design and Analysis
25. TANK-Tank Design
26. Corrosion Control Systems Design
27. Project Management I & II
28. Contract Management
29. ASNT Level 2 (DPI,MPI.VI,UT, VT,RFI)
30. Computerized Maintenance Management System

Soft Skills Training
1. Return On Investment (ROI) Methodology
2. Leadership & Team Building
3. Document Control
4. Costing and Inventory Management
5. Problem Solving and Decision Making
6. CRM – An Introduction to Customer Relationship Management
7. Building Better ems
8. Stress Management
9. The Professional Supervisor
10. Risk Management
11. Emotional Intelligence (One Day)
12. Contract Management
13. Performance Management – Managing Employee Performance
14. Influence and Persuasion
15. Time Management
16. Working Smarter – Using Technology to your Advantage
17. Entrepreneurship
18. Skills for the Administrative Assistant
19. Public Speaking – Presentation Survival School
20. Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance
21. Leadership and Team Building
22. Return On Investment (ROI) Methodology

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